Goodbye horrific Sony Xperia X1, Hello HTC Desire HD

Echoing has started again on my X1 and in complete frustration I rang Three customer care and unleashed my frustration. Good people that they are (and being that I’ve been with them since the dawn of time) they hacked a huge chunk out of my 7 remaining months of contract and tossed me a new HTC Desire HD. Shameless plug I know, however I really am continually impressed with Three’s approach to loyal customers. To date they have replaced my phone at 3 times:- twice after the LG U8120 fiasco back in the day (the first replacement wasn’t to my taste, the second, the z800i was a favourite of mine) and again with this bloody Xperia X1. After it’s laggy performance, the badly designed buttons, the crappy keyboard with its flaws and sony screwing over its customers by not releasing WM 6.5 despite testing, I’ll not going back to sony for a while.


Echoing on an Sony Ericson Xperia X1

I’ve been having issues with my X1 echoing my own voice back at me when people call me:- a pretty distracting problem and usually resulted in me calling back. I put it in back in June for both that and a faulty keyboard, and they replaced the entire phone.

The replacement X1 started echoing on incoming calls a few days after getting it, and I figured that it was some sort of network wierdness however when my fiancee’s Xperia X10 decided it was no longer going to recharge I took mine in as well to see if they found anything, and sure enough, the earpiece needs to be replaced.
Unusual that I can’t find any reports of others having the same issue considering I’ve had two do the same thing. Interesting to know if anyone else has had the same issue….

Not having much luck with Sony of late:- three phones have needed repairs (the first X1 as well as its replacement alongside the X10) along with an older Z800i suffering keypad woes 18 months into getting it (and out of warranty of course), a ps3 died recently with the red light of death. The new ps3 is now also making some funky grinding noises with certain DVDs, but not blu-ray movies or games.
Think I’ll be steering clear of anything by Sony for a while…..