Log That Number

The ‘Log That Number’ app lets you log calls and attach notes to those calls for later. With the high rate of legal disputes and family custody contracts, it is becoming very important to keep detailed records of phone conversations and sms. 

Log That Number will also come in handy for those who bill for time spent on the phone.

This call logger will hopefully make this process easier for many people by prompting them to make notes as the incoming or outgoing call is completed.


Currently in beta. If you are interested in trying it out, contact us and we can add you to the beta testing list.


  • Log calls for specific contacts.
  • Log SMS conversations
  • Request note on call – posts a notification asking you add a information for the completed call.
  • Export single contact or all contacts to spreadsheet (CSV) or plain text

Future Features

  • Log visits to certain areas (using GPS or cell tower triangulation)
  • Log email contact
  • call recording option
  • Sync with Google Calendars.
  • Allow to sync to other calendaring systems

Log That Number FAQ

When will Log That Number be released?

This app is planned to be released by September 2013.

What will Log That Number cost?

Log That Number is expected to offer both

  • An ‘ad supported’/free version. This will likely be ad free for the first few releases.
  • A paid-for (ad free) version at AUD$3.99.

Features are likely to be the same in both versions.