Fetch That Number

Fetch That Number (Australia) for Android queries a reverse phone number lookup service (sometimes known as ‘Grey Pages’ or ‘Black Pages’) for any incoming or outgoing calls that aren’t in your phone contacts. You will be shown the caller ID while the phone is ringing (data connection permitting).

You can then save the fetched caller info after the call and optionally fetch any stored address.

If the phone number is a known spam caller, it will be flagged as such. meaning you can ignore telemarketers when you are busy with work, relaxing, or just plain hate irritating sales pitches!

This app is designed specifically for Android and will only return numbers from Australia. Other countries may be added later.

If you have any questions, checkout the FAQ section below or contact us


Published – version 1.6.1
Beta – none currently available

link to the market: Fetch That Number
or scan the QR code using a barcode scanner app or google goggles!


  • Fetch Incoming or Outgoing callers name.
  • Fetch callers address using a reverse lookup
  • Add or update contact with fetched details, including adding to any of your synced google accounts.
  • Known Spam caller warning – Known spam phone numbers will appear in red.
  • Fetch extended details on add (e.g. address).
  • Phone number search screen
  • Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0) support
  • Jelly Bean (4.1) Support
  • Tablet layout support
  • Look at your history of fetched numbers
  • Tablet Optimisations (including devices with no telephony support)
  • Disable Auto-fetch
  • Retrieve extended company info
  • History of fetched numbers

Beta Release Features

If you have purchased Fetch That Number and are interested in beta access please contact us and we’ll send you a beta apk if we have one available.

Future Features

  • Controls to allow ignoring unwanted callers
  • update/spam reporting service
  • Yellow Pages look-up and add


Fetch That Number FAQs

Why is there no data for certain numbers?

All data is provided externally so it will depend on their databases. See external providers FAQ’s for more details:-

Why is a private number listed?

All data is provided externally so it will depend on their databases. See external providers FAQ’s for more details:-

What is a Reverse Lookup?

A traditional lookup will search for a name and return information associated with it.

In comparison, a reverse lookup finds the information (i.e. name, address, fax etc.) related to a specific phone number.

My Settings screen says I am not registered with the Reverse Australia API. What do I do?

Did you purchase this app through the Android Market? If not, you don’t have a valid copy of Reverse Australia, and it will not work. Purchase the app through the Android Market to fix this problem.

If you did purchase through the Android Market, check you have a connection to the internet. You can try uninstalling and reinstalling (clearing data should also suffice).

If that fails to fix your issue, send an message and we will help you resolve the issue.

Will this work on my phone?

This should work on any phone with Android 2.1 or higher. It has been tested to work on the following handsets:

  • Google Galaxy Nexus
  • Google Nexus S
  • HTC Desire HD
  • HTC One X
  • Samsung Galaxy S
  • Samsung Galaxy S2
  • Samsung Galaxy S3
  • Sony Xperia X10


  • Tested to work on the Asus Transformer Prime

It has also been reported by customers to work on:-

  • HTC Desire S
  • Huwei Sonic 8650

How long does it take for the app to look up a phone number?

It depends on your mobile network, and your reception at the time of call.

In the real world, on an average network with 3g coverage, around 1 to 2 seconds is usual, however it can take 5 or more seconds if you have a bad signal.

Can I install on multiple devices?

You can install on any device tied to your google market account however your daily limit will NOT increase.

How many times can I fetch Caller ID?

Fetch That Number allows you to do 40 basic reverse lookups and 20 extended reverse lookups a day.

Can you explain why you need for Fetch That Number?

It is a good idea to keep track of why an application needs access to specific parts of your phone system, and just as important developers are transparent about this. Our permission reasons for  Fetch That Number are as follows:-

  • FULL INTERNET ACCESS – to access the reverse lookup service.
  • READ CONTACT DATA – check wether the number is already added to your contacts
  • WRITE CONTACT DATA – add the contact to your address book
  • DISCOVER KNOWN ACCOUNTS – we use this so you can choose which account you want numbers to be added to.
  • VIEW NETWORK STATE – Need to know whether you are connected to the internet before trying to fetch a number.
  • READ PHONE STATE AND IDENTITY – to know when a call starts and stops, and the incoming number being called.
  • PROCESS OUTGOING CALLS – This is needed to check outgoing calls numbers in order to fetch from the lookup service.

Will Fetch That Number’s ‘Add to Existing Contact’ feature overwrite the current name, number and address?


Fetch That Number will add new numbers and addresses only. after selecting a user to add you are given the option to replace their name, and if you wish to remove the old address and/or number you can do so in the edit screen.

Can Fetch That Number get private (‘unknown’ callers)?

No, unknown numbers don’t send any form of Caller ID or other identifiable information so we have nothing to search against.

Can Fetch That Number fetch mobile numbers?

Yes, however we have (anecdotally) found the hit-rate fairly low. Numbers that have been in existence for a long time seem to be more likely to be fetched.