Android Apps

Asgard Designs have several applications for Android based phones in the marketplace and the works:-

Fetch That Number

This app queries a reverse phone number lookup service for incoming calls and returns the caller name in real time, popping up a notification. You can save the fetched caller info after the call and optionally fetch any stored address. This app is available in the Android Market, click the link below for details, or go straight to the market using the link to the right!

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Log That Number

The Log That Number Android app lets you log calls and attach notes to those calls for later. With the high rate of legal disputes and family custody contracts, it is becoming very important to keep detailed records of phone conversations and sms. This app is not yet available, but will be available as a beta release soon. If you are interested in trying it out, contact us and we will send you a beta release as soon as it is available!

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