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I finally launched my first android app today and as a reward for working all weekend, I decided to buy some downloadable content (DLC) for one of my favorite games Fallout: New Vegas. So after paying, I downloaded the content and installed it. Started Fallout. There was an update for the game itself, so I downloaded and installed that as well. Started the game and…

…strange, no downloadable content listed. Must be something wrong.

I had a quick look online and someone said it may have been due to the game update being installed after installing the DLC. So I deleted the DLC and re-downloaded. I reinstalled, and…

still no content.

Ergh, look on the forums again, and can’t see much. Look on the psn support site… almost zero company support pages, a crappy faq that primarily deals with their new MUBI service, and a community support tab. I hunt around, no contact details on the PSN support page and finally find a contact link on the PS3 support page, hidden in the right sidebar. I click that and…

Site Maintenance Notice

This page is currently down for maintenance.
We apologize for any inconvenience.

Of course it is.

Finally, I trawl through the community support, which interestingly promotes german and spanish results over english (in fact the first 8 results were not english) and read something about DLC being region locked. Now that’s strange because I’m pretty sure regions are more or less abolished for ps3 games… well not quite it seems: While they all WORK on any ps3, the dlc is region specific so if my game comes from the US (as this one apparently is by decifering the codes), I can’t download and install AU content.

Poor form Sony. REALLY poor form.

Surely, this should be something mentioned in FAQ’s? Or god forbid, something they tell you on installation! What a let down. It just goes to show that Sony, even when they do something good like unlock regions on games or provide ‘install other OS’ functionality, you need to think to yourself….

“How can Sony use this to ruin my day…”

because history shows, that given any opportunity, that is exactly what they will do.

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